ABLE Account Update

May 11, 2022


If an eligible individual cannot open their ABLEnow account, or would prefer to have assistance, an Authorized Representative can open and manage the account for them. Now, a Social Security Administration-appointed representative payee can serve as an Authorized Representative for an eligible individual.


ABLEnow provides eligible individuals with disabilities a better way to save money for today’s needs or invest for tomorrow. ABLEnow accounts:

  • Should not jeopardize eligibility for benefit programs, such as Medicaid and SSI.
  • Are tax-advantaged, so earnings grow tax-free when used for qualified disability expenses.
  • Can accept contributions from anyone: the account owner, family and friends.
  • Include online account management tools and a mobile app.

Remember, an eligible individual may only have one ABLE account at any time. Read the program documents to learn more about the order of priority for who can serve as an Authorized Representative.


Open an account today and see the difference ABLEnow can make.





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Call 1-844-NOW-ABLE or visit to obtain information on the program. Seek the advice of a professional concerning any financial, tax, legal or federal or state benefit implications related to opening and maintaining an ABLEnow account. Participating in ABLEnow involves investment risk including the possible loss of principal. ABLEnow is administered by Virginia College Savings Plan. For non-Virginia residents: other states may sponsor an ABLE plan that offers state tax or other benefits not available through ABLEnow. ©2022 Virginia College Savings Plan. All Rights Reserved.