Adjustment to SNAP Benefits

January 30, 2023

Good Evening!

Every year the Social Security Administration (SSA) is required to make a cost-of-living adjustment to ensure the Social Security benefits keep up with inflation. Social Security is the most common source of income for SNAP households. When Social Security or any household income goes up, SNAP benefits may go down.

Indiana SNAP households that also receive Social Security benefits may see a decrease in their SNAP benefits beginning January 2023 because of their higher Social Security benefit.

While SSA’s COLA impacts SNAP benefit amounts every year, the 2023 COLA is the largest in 40 years. Indiana SNAP Households that receive SNAP and Social Security benefits started seeing this decrease January 3rd with our first issuance January 2023.  As a result of the significant increase to their Social Security benefits to reflect the cost-of-living SNAP households will still experience a net gain, as the decrease in SNAP benefits is less than the increase in Social Security benefits. This is not a dollar-for-dollar decrease, but any decrease may have an impact on our SNAP households.

I hope you find this additional information helpful.  If you have any questions or need additional information, please let me know.