App Lets You Pick a Restaurant Based on Noise Level

March 8, 2018

Information courtesy of Hear Indiana,, and Lend An Ear


App Lets You Pick a Restaurant Based on Noise Level


For people with hearing loss, dining out can be difficult. Many restaurants are so noisy that it can be difficult to have conversations or even to order food. A unique accessibility app seeks to address the problem. Free smart phone app iHEARu is designed to help users find quieter restaurants. Users can see how loud local restaurants are and pick the best place to have a conversation with friends, to hold a meeting, or to just read a book.


When you download the app, you can use your phone’s microphone to measure a restaurant’s sound level, or you can write a review to give your own opinions about the noise. So far, there are only seventeen users in Indiana, but the more people who download the app and create reviews, the easier it will be for people with hearing loss to find “conversation friendly” locations.

For questions, contact the iHEARu team at or (206) 527-9489.