Bureau of Developmental Disabilities Services online application for services

November 19, 2020

 Bureau of Developmental Disabilities Services online application for services

The Bureau of Developmental Disabilities Services’ mission is “To connect people with disabilities and their families to resources and supports to live their best life.” One effort that is underway to improve the experience of individuals and families is the development of a new system, the BDDS Gateway. This new virtual option will provide an alternative to the current paper application process, allowing interested individuals/families to complete and submit their application for BDDS services entirely online.

The BDDS Gateway development is underway and the system is currently on track to be available by the Spring of 2021. In addition, a thorough training plan and quality assurance measures have been established. The training will include tutorials, written instructions and examples to assist individuals and families in navigating the online application process. BDDS will utilize the quality measures to assess the efficiency and use of the BDDS Gateway by applicants and will utilize this information to improve the experience of future applicants. Based on stakeholder feedback, BDDS believes this new option simplifies the process and provides greater ease of access for individuals and families who are seeking supports through BDDS.

As the BDDS IT modernization efforts move forward, we will keep you updated with progress and related information. We look forward to continuing to partner together on the important work of supporting individuals and families in living their vision of a good life.

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