Ben Elza

When he was diagnosed with ADHD at age 4, Ben Elza and his parents began a journey to discover how best to meet his needs.  Ben was bright and capable, but he was viewed as a behavior problem in school because of his frustration with the challenges he faced.

In high school, after an additional diagnosis of Autism, things got even tougher, leading to a recommendation that Ben transfer to an alternative school in another community.  His parents were struggling to keep Ben in his home school when they were referred to the Independent Living Center.  With the help of an advocate from the Center, things suddenly shifted.  Ben began receiving more assistance in school, avoiding a transfer.  Finally, Ben had someone in his corner. 

Ben’s mom, Jeanna Elza, says, “Working with the Independent Living Center was the best move I have ever made for my child.  The impact was monumental.  They are true lifesavers.”

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