Margaret Lewis

Margaret Lewis likes taking care of herself, rather than depending on others, so she looks for ways to make that happen.  One thing she finds especially helpful is connecting with the Independent Living Center.  Margaret says partnering with the Center and her Service Coordinator, Michelle, “Means I can be able to stay independent in my apartment longer.”

When she was referred to the Independent Living Center, Margaret was using a hand-me-down wheelchair, for which she was very grateful.  However, the chair had seen its best days and it was challenging for Margaret to use.  With Michelle’s help, Margaret received a new chair.  She now reports, “I love my new chair.  I can get around better in it.”

Margaret’s favorite thing about the Independent Living Center is, “They are nice.  They don’t put you down like some people do.”  For those who are considering a call to the Center, Margaret adds, “Call them and tell them what you need and why.  They always come through for me.”

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