Elsie Lecher

When a woman overheard Elsie Lecher say that she could no longer see to read, the stranger gave her a valuable tip.  She referred her to the Independent Living Center.

Macular Edema and Diabetic Retinopathy have nearly destroyed Elsie’s sight.  When connecting with the Center, she was first uplifted just by having someone to talk to about her challenges.  Then practical aid arrived in the form of such things as a lighted magnifying glass, paper with larger and heavier lines, and even a pair of special glasses that allow Elsie finally to see her grandson on the football field by identifying his jersey number.

Elsie says the Independent Living Center “Has certainly been a blessing for me.”  She would advise others with disabilities to, “Get in touch with them because they’re so good, kind, and helpful.”

“It was almost like a miracle,” Elsie recounts about the day the stranger eavesdropped.  An almost miracle she’s thankful for every day.