Waiver Transition –  November Virtual Feedback Sessions

November 2, 2022

Waiver Transition –  November Virtual Feedback Sessions

In September of 2022, Family Social Services Administration announced plans to change division oversight of the Traumatic Brain Injury waiver and the Aged & Disabled Waiver for those aged 59 and under. Starting in early 2024, the waiver oversight for these populations will be held by the Division of Disability and Rehabilitative Services. Currently, waiver oversight for these groups is performed by the Division of Aging. This change will align with and support DDRS’s broader plan for waiver redesign.  This transition is scheduled to happen at the same time as the planned roll out of FSSA’s Managed Long-term Supports & Services waiver for individuals aged 60 and older, who meet eligibility for the A&D waiver.

The DDRS and DA teams are offering upcoming virtual opportunities for individuals and families to learn more about these changes, and to offer feedback and input on this planned change. Below are dates and times currently scheduled for the month of November 2022. Additional events and opportunities to provide input and get updates about this project will also be scheduled.

November sessions:

As additional events are planned, further information will be shared in the following ways: