Assistive Devices

We offer a variety of assistive devices to help maintain independence. Some of the items are shown below.

A talking alarm clock.

Talking Alarm Clock

Talking Watch

Talking Watch

Record & Talk Alarm Clock

Record & Talk Alarm Clock

14” Wall Clock

14″ Wall Clock

Small keychain with a digital time display, it also has a button so it can talk.

Talking Clock Keychain

A calculator that talks.

Big Button Calculator

A cord phone with large buttons.

Big Button Phone

A check register with large text.

Large Print Check Register

Plastic shape with a whole for keeping your signature in place.

Signature Guide

A plastic guide with wholes to keep your writing on the lines.

Letter Guide

A plastic guide which helps you write letter addresses in the right place.

Envelope Guide

Playing cards with large text and image.

Low Vision Playing Cards

A liquid level indicator that hands off the side of a mug

Liquid Level Indicator

A set of four knives.

Pairing Knives

A bedside commode that is plastic with four metal legs.

Bedside Commode

A plastic shower bench with four metal legs. The seat has handles so you can easily pick it up.

Shower Bench

Bath transfer bench with a side grip, back rest and four metal legs.

Bath Transfer Bench

A footstool with a handle for balance.

Safety Footstool with Handle

A magnifier with a light.

Lighted Magnifier

A hearing amplifier that comes with personal headphones.

Hearing Amplifier

A metal arm reacher used to grab objects that are far away.

Metal Reacher

Protective glasses that fit over normal glasses.

Fit-over Glasses

A talking scale.

Talking Scale