The Independent Living Center of Eastern Indiana offers five core services:


Individual Advocacy
We empower people with disabilities to discover and navigate programs for their continued independence.

Systems Advocacy
We help to improve community, state and national policies that affect persons with disabilities.

Information & Referral

We provide information and make referrals to help consumers become aware of available resources.

Peer Support

Peer supporters serve as role models as only someone with personal experience with disabilities can do. Staff and consumers share life experiences and bring new ideas and information to facilitate independence. They work one on one and hold regular peer support groups for those interested.

Independent Living Skills

Living with a disability is filled with challenges. Often a different approach may be necessary for independence.

The Center provides training in life skills and in the use of adaptive devices and introduction to new advances in assistive technology that can enhance independent living.


Services that (i) facilitate the transition of individuals with significant disabilities from nursing homes and other institutions to home and community-based residences, with the requisite supports and services; (ii) provide assistance to individuals with significant disabilities who are at risk of entering institutions so that the individuals may remain in the community; and (iii) facilitate the transition of youth who are individuals with significant disabilities, who were eligible for individualized education programs and who have completed their secondary education or otherwise left school, to postsecondary life.

Service Area

An image that shows ILC's serving area. It features Henry, Wayne, Rush, Fayette, Union, Decatur, Franklin, Jennings, Ripley, Dearborn, Ohio, Scott, Jefferson, and Switzerland county.