The Independent Living Center of Eastern Indiana offers five core services:


Advocacy can happen two ways–individual and system.

With individual advocacy, we help persons with disabilities discover and navigate program options that may meet their individual needs.

With system advocacy, we work to improve community, state and national policies that affect persons with disabilities.


The Center staff provides information and makes referrals to help consumers become more aware of their options and choices.


Important understanding about living with a disability comes from those who are disabled. Center staff helps to connect people with disabilities for peer support.  Regularly scheduled peer support groups meet to provide information and accessible social activities.


Living with a disability is filled with challenge. Often a different approach is necessary to manage activities that were routine once.

The Center provides training in life skills, orientation and mobility, as well as education about using adaptive devices, and introduction to new advances in assistive technology that can enhance independent living.


Services that (i) facilitate the transition of individuals with significant disabilities from nursing homes and other institutions to home and community-based residences, with the requisite supports and services; (ii) provide assistance to individuals with significant disabilities who are at risk of entering institutions so that the individuals may remain in the community; and (iii) facilitate the transition of youth who are individuals with significant disabilities, who were eligible for individualized education programs and who have completed their secondary education or otherwise left school, to postsecondary life.

It is the mission of the Independent Living Center of Eastern Indiana to empower persons with disabilities.