BDDS online application for services and systems modernization

August 28, 2020

BDDS online application for services and systems modernization

For several years, the Bureau of Developmental Disabilities Services has been engaged in a wide variety of efforts focused to improve the experience of individuals and families in achieving their vision of a good life. A fundamental aspect of this effort is coordinating service delivery through an efficient and comprehensive team approach, and facilitating how to apply for services. To this end, BDDS is excited to announce its plans to move toward the modernization of our information technology systems.

The vision of this initiative is focused on creating an IT system that will:

  • increase access to needed supports,
  • streamline information sharing,
  • collect accurate and reliable data, and
  • result in greater collaboration and communication

Two key projects are emerging from this initiative. The first is the development of the BDDS Gateway – a web-based application for individuals and families applying for BDDS services and supports. Targeted to be available next spring, this new virtual option will provide an alternative to the current paper application process, allowing interested individuals in having the option of completing their application for BDDS services entirely online. Based on stakeholder feedback, we believe this new option simplifies the process and provides greater ease of access for individuals and families who are seeking supports through BDDS.

The second key project is the first phase of implementing a consolidated BDDS Portal for waiver case managers and service providers. Beginning this fall, BDDS will initiate development efforts to consolidate one of the current IT systems (i.e. INSite) into the BDDS Portal, with a timeline for implementation in the fall of 2021. As part of this effort, BDDS will provide ongoing communication to impacted parties, identify opportunities for engagement and design training resources to ensure a smooth transition throughout the process.

We hope this information clarifies the many ways in which BDDS is working on behalf of individuals and families. As our IT modernization efforts move forward, we will keep you updated with progress and related information. We look forward to continuing to working together on the important work of supporting individuals and families in living their vision of a good life.


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