FSSA Announces New Asset Verification System

October 7, 2020

Asset Verification System

The new Asset Verification System will be implemented beginning December 2020. All states are required to implement this system under Section 1940 of the Social Security Act.

Beginning in December 2020, individuals who have data gathering interviews for new Medicaid applications may have their resources – such as bank accounts, real property and vehicles – verified using the Asset Verification System.  Members and applicants for whom assets are a factor in their eligibility will have an electronic request sent to verify assets in their name or in the name of other family members whose assets are used in determining their eligibility (such as their spouse).  The request will be sent to sources such as Equifax and Lexis-Nexus, and the information will be returned to the Division of Family Resources for processing.

If the AVS discovers assets that the applicant or member did not report, but the assets do not put them over the asset limit, eligibility can still be approved. The member or applicant will also be sent a pending verification form to verify assets, and if a discrepancy is discovered by the Asset Verification System, they will have the opportunity to rebut the information. If a rebuttal is received by the due date (13 days from the date mailed), then it will be reviewed and processed by DFR to determine the correct values to use.

For ongoing members that require assets to be verified during their annual redetermination, the AVS process will begin March 2021. As a part of this change, authorized representatives will also now receive a full copy of their client’s Medicaid redetermination mailer, and will be more easily able to assist in returning any information required to continue eligibility.

Please note, until the month after the federal public health emergency ends, FSSA will continue to not close Medicaid for members unless they voluntarily withdraw from the program, move out of Indiana, or pass away.

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