March 3, 2023

IHCP bulletin
Medicaid member eligibility review actions to
As a result of the recently passed federal spending bill, the continuous enrollment provisions that the Indiana Health
Coverage Programs (IHCP) has been following since March 2020 will end as of March 31, 2023. This means that
regular determinations of coverage will begin again and actions to adjust, reduce or eliminate coverage will be allowed
beginning in April 2023.
These requirements are no longer tied to the federal public health emergency (PHE), which has been set to
end on May 11, 2023. The end of the federal PHE itself will not impact the timing of returning to normal
operations for Medicaid eligibility. Currently, copayments, premiums and contributions are not being charged
or collected. Members who are subject to cost-sharing will receive a notice at least one month prior to the
restart of cost-sharing. More information about the phaseout of ongoing provisions not related to member
eligibility, the restart of cost-sharing, and the start of the Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP) Bridge program will be
provided in later communications.
Approximately 25% of the IHCP population is only receiving
their current category of coverage due to federal PHE rules.
For this population, they will remain in the same category until
their scheduled annual redetermination is due. The IHCP will
process roughly 1/12 of the population each month starting with
redeterminations due in April 2023 and continuing over the next
◼ These members will receive a reminder notice 60 days
before their redetermination due date; for those due
April 30, these reminders will be sent out the last week
of February.
◼ The members will receive their redetermination mailer
the month before their redetermination month (first batch to be sent in March 2023) and have at least 30 days
to return it.
◼ Anyone who fails to return information by the due date can come back into compliance within 90 days and
avoid having to submit a new application; most non-HIP categories can have retroactive coverage to fill in any
gaps, but if HIP is reinstated it will only be effective from that point forward.
For individuals who were eligible without using any of the special rules related to the federal PHE, they will be
subject to normal requirements starting in April 2023. If the member is requested to verify information (for example, a
new job), they must provide documentation by the due date or their coverage may be terminated.
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IHCP bulletin BT202315 FEBRUARY 28, 2023
Members should know that the most important step for them to take is to update their contact information in the
FSSA Benefits Portal at and then respond to any requests for information by the due date listed.
The IHCP will not terminate coverage for any member without first asking them to confirm their information.
As a reminder, member eligibility for Medicaid needs to be verified prior to providing services. With normal
eligibility rules resuming, some members who had remained eligible will lose coverage, and services will not
be covered for these members when their coverage ends.
Starting in April 2023, members who do not respond to requests for information needed to determine their continued
eligibility will be subject to termination of their coverage. Therefore, it is critical that the IHCP has up-to-date contact
information. Please encourage Medicaid members that you work with to confirm that we have their current mailing
address, phone number and email address. Members should use the following process to update their contact
◼ Go to the FSSA Benefits Portal at
◼ Scroll down to the blue “Manage Your Benefits”
◼ Click either Sign in to my account or Create
◼ Confirm that your contact information is correct.
◼ Call 800-403-0864 if you need assistance.
◼ Then watch your mail! Be sure to respond with any information requested of you.
More information and resources, including handouts, postcards and posters that you can order in bulk for free, are
available on the Indiana Medicaid for Members website from the How a return to normal will impact some Indiana
Medicaid members page. There you will find a handout with a QR code that takes members directly to the FSSA
Benefits Portal, an updated Medicaid Coverage Protections Frequently Asked Questions, and the most recent
stakeholder presentation.
Providers are invited to attend our next stakeholder meeting at 11 a.m. March 7, 2023. We will share with you an
update on our work and look forward to your questions.
Stakeholder meeting
11 a.m. March 7
Click here to join the meeting
Meeting ID: 260 701 100 256 Passcode: RuxR3v
Join with a video conferencing device
Video Conference ID: 114 487 466 0
Alternate VTC instructions
Or call in (audio only)
+1 317-552-1674,157676556#
United States, Indianapolis
Phone Conference ID: 157 676 556#
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IHCP bulletin BT202315 FEBRUARY 28, 2023
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