LifeCourse Ambassador Series opportunity for self-advocates and supporters of individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities

May 5, 2021

LifeCourse Ambassador Series opportunity for self-advocates and supporters of individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities

The Bureau of Developmental Disabilities Services and the Bureau of Quality Improvement Services believe that a true person-centered system measures a service or program by its ability to achieve quality, person-centered outcomes for the individuals being supported. We also recognize that self-advocates play a key role in advocating for their vision of a good life by learning how to utilize choice, control and integration for the services they receive.

To better support implementation of person-centered principles in service delivery, BQIS and BDDS, in partnership with The University of Missouri–Kansas City, is offering a Self-Advocates and Supporter Charting the LifeCourse ambassador series for self-advocates. (registrants must register in pairs).

What is an Ambassador Series? All Charting the LifeCourse Ambassador Series are designed to provide training, professional development, and implementation coaching to support individuals in achieving their good life and navigating services/supports.

The purpose of this particular person-centered practice series is to support self-advocates to understand and utilize the CtLC principles and tools in their own lives. The series includes one supporter of the individual’s choosing to support them in completing the series – this supporter must be included as part the individual’s registration.

Each series aims to:

  • Provide a foundational understanding of the key principles within the CtLC framework.
  • Introduce the application of the key principles for a specific focus area and/or practice.
  • Share examples of how CtLC is being used around the country.

What does an Ambassador Series include? The Ambassador Series combines self-paced learning and regular coaching support through a virtual learning experience. Each series includes:

  • A kick-off coaching call.
  • Five online videos, learning activities and interactive coaching calls related to each key principle.
  • Practice on how to apply the principle and using the related tools by downloading, completing, and submitting the learning activity.
  • Feedback/ discussions on knowledge learned from coaches and peers during the coaching call.
  • A wrap up, reflections and next steps coaching call.

To complete an Ambassador Series:

  • Attend and participate in all coaching calls.
  • Watch all videos.
  • Complete all learning activities.
  • Dialogue and share with other participants.

The link to register is included below. This series is limited to eight participants and one supporter of their choosing to support them in completing the series (registrants must register in pairs). Registrations will be received on a first come, first-serve basis.

Self-Advocates & Supporters Series:

Coaching Calls occurring Thursdays at 11-12:30 p.m. (EDT)

  • Kick-off: 6/3/21
  • Sessions: 6/17/21, 7/1/21, 7/15/21, 7/29/21, 8/12/21, 8/26/21

Please click here to register.

We look forward to continuing to support, educate, and inspire self-advocates and supporters to empower individuals to live, love, learn, work, play and pursue their dreams.

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