Money Safety for Seniors

March 22, 2017

Information courtesy of Old National


Money Safety for Seniors


All too often, seniors are the targets of financial exploitation schemes. Old National has introduced a program designed to help seniors and those who care about them recognize and steer clear of fraud attempts and scams. “Money Safety for Seniors” explains the common tactics used to confuse and exploit seniors and provides strategies for staying safe, such as protecting your identity while traveling, shopping safely online, and telephone fraud prevention.


Telephone Fraud Prevention Tips:

  • Don’t give personal information like bank account or Social Security numbers to anyone over the phone, unless you initiated the call.
  • Don’t trust anyone who tells you not to discuss an offer with someone else.
  • Don’t feel pressured to make instant decisions. “Limited time offers” are often a high-pressure sales technique. You should not be required to make a decision on the spot.
  • Don’t trust callers who tell you to send money to cover a “handling charge” or to pay taxes.

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