Vocational Rehabilitation Services order of selection update

February 4, 2020

DDRS Updates

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Vocational Rehabilitation Services order of selection update

Indiana’s Vocational Rehabilitation program is excited to announce the first of many steps toward expanding its services to additional eligible individuals.

In August of 2017, VR implemented an order of selection process. Order of selection is a process for prioritizing eligible individuals that VR serves based on available resources and capacity. Under federal requirements, individuals with the most significant disabilities are served first in an order of selection.

Since implementation of the order of selection, VR has served approximately 80% of eligible individuals while continually assessing its capacity and resource availability to serve additional eligible individuals. As a result of VR’s efforts to improve its capacity, in February of 2020, VR will release approximately 200 eligible individuals from delayed services status, and will contact these individuals to initiate VR services. Individuals will be identified based on earliest application date to VR. While this is an important initial step toward serving more VR eligible individuals, there is no change to VR’s order of selection status at this time. The order of selection will remain in effect.

An updated Frequently Asked Questions document has been posted to the VR order of selection resource webpage and is available by clicking here.


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