Waiver redesign update and feedback sessions

August 3, 2022

DDRS Updates

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Waiver redesign update and feedback sessions

The Division of Disability and Rehabilitative Services recently announced pilot project opportunities to explore promising practices and service delivery approaches to enhance home-and community-based waiver services for individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities These opportunities will further support and inform DDRS in waiver redesign efforts.

DDRS has scheduled an additional online feedback session on Aug. 16,2022, for individuals and families to join to learn more about waiver redesign activities, what efforts have been made, and what ideas from the Initial Concept Paper have been identified for upcoming changes over the course of the next two years.  This online meeting will also have time allotted for additional input from individuals and families for their ideas and thoughts about potential pilot projects that would help meet their needs. In addition, DDRS staff will share highlights of The Path Forward – a summary document outlining priority areas for identified upcoming waiver changes.

Additional virtual opportunity for feedback

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