Waiver renewals announcement

June 25, 2020

Waiver renewals announcement

The Division of Disability and Rehabilitative Services and Bureau of Developmental Disabilities Services are pleased to share that both the Community Integration and Habilitation waiver and Family Supports waiver were recently approved for renewal by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Both renewed waivers will have the same effective date of July 16, 2020. These renewals include several changes to service definition descriptions, outcome measures, and additional allowable activities. The complete, approved waiver documents can be found by clicking here.

Many of the changes and updates being implemented in July are the result of active stakeholder engagement and feedback the bureau has received from individuals, families, and our industry partners. Included in this announcement is a summary of some of the more notable changes. The bureau plans to release additional guidance related to the renewals in the coming weeks to more fully inform stakeholders of changes being made as part of these waiver renewals. Families should consult with their case manager and teams in evaluating any service changes or new services now available to access.

Highlighted changes across both CIH and FS waivers:

  • Adult day services – revised to ensure supports are based on individual strengths and interests for optimal functioning of participants
  • Day habilitation – this new, more flexible service will automatically replace community based and facility based habilitation (group and individual) services beginning August 1, 2020
  • Family and caregiver training – increased annual reimbursement limit to $5000 per service plan year and clarified reimbursable activities
  • Paid relative caregivers – Allowing relatives of the participant to provide paid services as specified under individual services has been expanded to allow for each paid family caregiver to provide up to 40 hours of residential habilitation (CIH) or participant assistance and care per paid caregiver.
  • Prevocational services – enhanced to ensure participants receiving this service have employment-related goals in the PCISP and can develop general, non-job-specific strengths and skills that contribute to employability in integrated community settings.

FS waiver only:

  • Remote supports – newly added to the FS waiver and allowing the first $500 in reimbursement outside the annual FS waiver cap in any service plan year. (Previously known as electronic monitoring under the CIH waiver). Expanded eligible age range to receive this service to youth 14-17.
  • Environmental modifications – added to FS waiver with definition and limitations identical to the CIH waiver. The $15,000 environmental modifications lifetime cap and the $500 available per year for service and repair are outside of the FS waiver cap.
  • Participant assistance and care – clarifies the 40 hour limit per caregiver for paid supports by relative and/or legal guardian caregivers for up to 40 hours per paid family caregiver of participant assistance and care.

CIH waiver only:

  • Remote supports – renamed service (previously Electronic Monitoring), expanded definition and reimbursable activities, and expanded to youth aged 14-17.
  • Rent and food for unrelated caregiver – clarified service limitations to prohibit concurrent use with structured family caregiving services and to establish a maximum number of four waiver participants per SFC household.
  • Residential habilitation and support – clarifies the 40 hour limit per caregiver for paid supports by relative and/or legal guardian caregivers for up to 40 hours per paid family caregiver of residential habilitation.


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